Monday, 23 January 2017

Ministry: Worship Team (bass guitar)

Q: How do you feel that God led you, or prepared you for this role?
A: I’ve been playing musical instruments, mainly trumpet, from a young age.  I’ve always enjoyed music and playing in a group (both in church and elsewhere), and I feel it’s an area where God has gifted me.  A couple of years ago I took up the bass guitar because I thought it would allow me to make a more useful contribution at church, particularly at the evening services where we mainly sing newer songs. 

Q: Why do you value this ministry?
A: Whether you are a virtuoso or tone-deaf, pretty much everyone appreciates music.  Music can move us in a way that words alone can’t.  When you combine words of truth about God, and words that express our response to him, with a great tune, you see how music can be such a powerful tool for ministry.  I love how great church songs and hymns help us to remember scripture and focus our thoughts on “things above”. 

Q: What obstacles or negative thoughts did you have to overcome to accept doing this ministry?
A: In our society, music is often about performance, so it’s designed to draw attention and admiration towards the people making it.   In church, the music should help draw attention and glory to God, and not the musicians themselves.  In practice, this can often be a challenge, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like their abilities to be noticed?!  So it’s important to remind myself often that music ministry is about serving others by helping them worship God through song.  It shouldn’t be about entertainment.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of serving in this ministry?
A: Our church is blessed with some really gifted and proficient musicians, who are also Godly Christians.  It has been great to learn from them, and also a lot of fun to play and sing alongside them while worshiping (and helping others to worship) God.

- Andrew D.

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