Sunday, 15 February 2015

SRE – From small seeds

“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field.” Matthew 13:31
Teaching Scripture in our schools is becoming more and more of a challenge.
The major problem used to be about resources, about having enough teachers and sufficient finances, now the biggest issue facing the ministry of SRE in schools is the attitude of society to religion and in particular to Christianity.
While there has always been those who have opposed the work of SRE in schools that is a growing number, in particular the great majority are at best apathetic, so if their child, due to peer influence, wants to opt out of SRE the parents will happily support them. As a result more and more children are choosing not to participate in SRE, this is more pronounced as the children get older.
Please pray for that children will still want to participate in SRE in both Primary and High Schools.
Having said that SRE remains an important ministry in our schools as for many children it can be the small seed that grows in their lives. It is always encouraging to hear stories of people for whom SRE was a significant part of the Christian journey to faith. I am sure that in years to come we will hear many similar stories of children who were impacted in small ways through SRE, and that the seed plant then was watered by other encounters until it flourished into faith.
Pray for the children in SRE that seeds of faith may be planted in their lives.